Apr 21, 2022 • 17M

Tigering the Gold

A short conversation with author Mark Wormald on Ted Hughes and 'The Catch'

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There was a lovely reaction to the Ted Hughes piece the other week, and so I’m delighted to add this short conversation with author Mark Wormald and his brand new and properly wonderful book The Catch. We sat at my dining table for some jaw and general catch up, and this is a little glimpse. More on The Catch at:



Mark Wormald has been fishing since the age of four. He is an award-winning poet, winning the Newdigate Prize at Oxford in 1988 and an E. C. Gregory Award from the Society of Authors in 1995. Mark has been a Fellow in English at Pembroke College, Cambridge, since 1992. His first office was once the bedsitting room in which Ted Hughes dreamed of a burned fox. He edited Charles Dickens’s The Pickwick Papers for Penguin Classics and more recently co-edited two collections of essays: Ted Hughes: from Cambridge to Collected (2013) and Ted Hughes, Nature and Culture (2018).